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Beerfest Asia 2011

Beerfest Asia 2011

Beerfest Asia 2011

It’s that time of the year to be jolly over beers – Beerfest Asia 2011 from 16th to 19th June 2011!

Same as last year, I purchased the “1-Day OCBC Exclusive Pass” for 19th June 2011, which I paid with OCBC credit card for S$15 each. It seems that the prices went up from S$12 last year. For last year coverage, please go to “Beerfest Asia 2010“. The reason that I chose to come on the last day is because there is less crowd and lots of promotions such as 1-for-1, price slash, bulk pricing, etc. Found out that it’s better from Beerfest Asia 2010 experience.

Beerfest Asia 2011

Performance on stage: All Star Beatles Tribute! This gig got lots of people doing the boogie!

Beerfest Asia 2011

Storm Beer – one of our favorite beer! Brewed in Bali but I didn’t managed to drink it during my trip to Bali in 2010.

Beerfest Asia 2011

Food and snacks are available too! But this time round, we didn’t eat any as we had an early dinner before going to Beerfest Asia 2011.

Beerfest Asia 2011

As each ticket comes with 2 free beers, the first one I went to exchange for Kronenbourg 1664. You can’t exchange any beers you want as there are fixed stations where free beers can be redeem. I rather Beerfest Asia give us the choice to redeem whether we want or just shave off the free beers pricing and introduce entrance tickets only.

Beerfest Asia 2011

We hang out at the open area nearer to Marina Bay most of the time as inside the tent was pretty noisy (loud music) and warm!

Beerfest Asia 2011

You can also admire the scenery while having your beer!

Beerfest Asia 2011

Free beer exchange – Jaz Lychee Beer. It’s a new lychee flavored beer which was recently launched only. Seems to be great for beginners or ladies!

Beerfest Asia 2011

Free beer exchange – Archipelago Summer Ale. Wanted to have Archipelago Belgium Wit but was sold out.

Beerfest Asia 2011

Scouting around to redeem for our next free drink… Magner’s

Beerfest Asia 2011

Harry’s at Beerfest Asia 2011.

Beerfest Asia 2011

Free beer exchange – Magner’s Irish Cider.

Beerfest Asia 2011

Singapore Flyer from Beerfest Asia 2011.

Beerfest Asia 2011

Another area where we hang out most of the time, it’s near to the entrance and also not so crowded. Only standing tables available!

Beerfest Asia 2011

Storm Beer Golden Ale – How can we not have this when we’re here? 😛

Beerfest Asia 2011

Schneider Weisse – I saw that it was a wheat beer and decided to have a try. Verdict – it’s definetly one of better wheat beers!

This year, I didn’t drink as much as I was suffering from serious gastric pain since a week ago from Beerfest Asia 2011. I didn’t want any relapse so took it easy on the beers but my impression is that Beerfest Asia 2011 beer makers are not as much as Beerfest Asia 2010. The selection is much lesser (so are the eye candies :P) – I might be wrong as I wasn’t given a handbook probably due to my late arrival (7pm). Seating area in the tentage was also significantly reduced as a large part was taken up by some Singtel bar or whatever – it was sort of fenced up and seems to be just for their customers (which is not many!). There was also a noticeable stink in the tent area, think many people vomited over the last few days. Haha!

Maybe it’s my form (not good), even photos I took this year is not as good!

Anyway, let’s see forward to how Beerfest Asia 2012 will turn out. My attendance is still confirmed!

Life in Singapore

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

Recently, my friends were staying at Marina Bay Sands and we were invited to visit Sands Skypark (340m-long and a 150m swimming pool, set on top of the world’s largest public cantilevered platform on 57th floor) since it will be free if we tag along with hotel guests. For members of public who wants to feast their eyes on the panorama view of Singapore, you can purchase tickets at Sands SkyPark ticketing counter located at Basement 1. Tickers holder will be only allowed to visit SkyPark Observation Deck as well as a portion swimming pool deck adjacent to the observation deck. The above photo was taken from the SkyPark Observation Deck.

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

SkyBar by Ku De Ta – Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

Poolside Terrace by Ku De Ta. The use of the swimming pool is only for hotel guests.

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

Such spectacular views of Singapore from Marina Bay Sands swimming pool.

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

You can swim and have fun while having a breathtaking experience at such high level. I should have brought along my swimming attire to swim… 🙁

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

The swimming pool is quite a long stretch – naturally, since it’s one of the largest cantilevers in the worlds. Wondering how’s the view is in the day?

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

Next, we took the lift down to level 55 to visit Banyan Tree Fitness Club Marina Bay Sands.

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

An area where you can rest after the workout and it is overlooking Gardens by The Bay, which is estimated to be completed by end of 2011.

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

Time to hit the gymnasium for some weights exercise.

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

Or you prefer cardio exercise while having great views of Singapore skyline?

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

To get back down to 1st level, we have to go back to level 57 first to take the lift down. This time we walk along the opposite stretch from the swimming pool.

Sands SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

Passing by one of the several jacuzzi pools, where you can order some drinks while relaxing in the pool and checking out the view. Although it’s a short time, it was an interesting experience and most importantly, it gives me a feeling wanting to come back again in the future to experience it further. Maybe I can come and stay at Marina Bay Sands during a special occasion? That’s a nice plan! 🙂

Life in Singapore Photography

Sentosa Photo Shoot



Sometime in July 2010, I helped out my brother as a photography assistant. This time round the location is Sentosa and the sun is hot!


The team involved in the photo shoot:

Styling: Nur Abdul Samad bin Harun
Hair & Makeup: Sha Shamsi
Photography Assistant: Ronald Tan
Model: Anna Albrekht / Ave


Laying on the sand… Someone I always focus on the bracelet she’s wearing….


Anna was very enthusiast with this shoot and she was the one who wants to spread sand on her face and lips! Thumbs up!


So how was the photos? 🙂

Life in Singapore Photography

Photoshoot for Harper’s BAZAAR and ION Photography Awards 2010



During February 2010, my elder brother, requested for my help as photography assistant for one of his photo-shoot and as I was available, I went ahead to join in the fun. This particular photoshoot for taking part in the Harper’s BAZAAR and ION Photography Awards 2010. This competition calls for a fusion of fashion, art and architecture. The criteria for the shoot is that the location will be at ION Orchard (outside or inside).


We reached pretty early around 7.30am to come for preparations as well as to conduct the shoot before any shopping crowd comes along. Well, there was another 2 teams shooting at the same day too!


Following are the team involved in the photo-shoot.

Styling: Winnie Loo
Hair & Makeup: Sha Shamsi
Photography Assistant: Ronald Tan
Model: Nataliya Zapolina / Mannequin


So what do you think of the photos? I thought they look great but unfortunately, we didn’t win anything in the contest. Even though, it still it was good fun and a fruitful experience!

Photos: © 2010. All rights reserved.


3 Days 2 Nights Trip at Harris Resort Batam



This short trip to Batam was made on 10th Sept 2010 (during the long weekend of Hari Raya Puasa), together with the same gang of friends that went to Malaysia (See “A Day in Kuala Lumpur 2” and “A Day in Malacca“). Our package at Harris Resort Batam is as below. It’s slightly more expensive than usual due to the holiday peak period.

It Is Good Deal @ Harris Funky Room (Old Wing Room)
Adult twin sharing: $127.00 per person
Child without bed: $36.00
Infant: $18.00

Package price includes:
– 2 way ferry tickets
– 2 way land transfers
– 2 nights stay with daily breakfasts
– FREE one time lunch or dinner for paying adults and children.
– FREE one time 30mins bicycle ride for two per room per stay.
– FREE one game of bowling for two per room per stay
– FREE access to sauna, cold plunge pool at H Spa & fitness.
– FREE access to Wi-Fi internet within hotel premises.
– FREE one time two-way shuttle services to Nagoya Hill for all paxs.
*Depart hotel 1100hrs & 1400hrs (Batam Time)
*Depart Nagoya Hill timing 1430hrs & 1730hrs (Batam Time)
*FCFS basis, guests MUST register at bell counter soonest or at least 02hrs before departing time.

Package excludes:
– Singapore terminal tax $20.00 per person pay at Harbourfront Centre
– Batam terminal tax $7.00 per person pay at Waterfront City Batam Terminal


The ferry ride was rather fast and we reached Waterfront City Batam Terminal in less than an hour but getting through the immigration took some time due to the bulk of travelers. Above shows a shop selling variety of products, just as you walk out of the immigration. We bought tons of food, snacks, beer, etc here!


Land transfer from Harris Resort Batam. It was only a few minutes drive from the ferry terminal.


We were given twin rooms despite requesting for double bed rooms during our reservation. I think those who took the first ferry out from Singapore manage to get the limited double bed rooms as there were lots of travelers checking in. We checked-in to our rooms and then took a walk around Harris Resort Batam (mostly pool area). Then, we went to the restaurant to have a small bite as we missed lunch and it almost nearing dinner time (4pm).


The pizza looks great but we didn’t eat it as the portion is rather big and we were going to have dinner pretty soon. Our dinner will be using the “FREE one time lunch or dinner for paying adults and children” which is included in the package. The free dinner was …. 🙁


Harris Resort Batam – Old Wing (we are staying here).


Harris Resort Batam – This is the new wing and it will cost a tad more than the old wing. We had a sneak peek at one of the rooms (during housekeeping) on the ground floor and it seems smaller than the old wing rooms.


We went to the bowling centre to play the “FREE one game of bowling for two per room per stay” in our package. You have to rent the bowling shoes but it doesn’t comes with any socks!


Nice swimming pool at Harris Resort Batam.


If you are early, you can grab one of these sheltered seats. How nice it would be to relax here (with beers)!


Lobby area of Harris Resort Batam. The lifts that we used daily! Hehe…


Beach area near Harris Resort Batam.


Small yacht berthing at nearby dock near Harris Resort Batam.


We took the free one-time return shuttle services from Harris Resort to Nagoya Hill for shopping. We had made the reservation for the shuttle service one day earlier.


We wanted to try the original Ayam Penyet Ria but it was closed. By the way, there is a Ayam Penyet Ria in Lucky Plaza (Singapore)!


Food street at Nagoya Hill. Lots of food for you to choose!


77 Es Teler – We tried one of the desserts which is very much like Ice Kacang. There is also a Es Teler in Singapore too! It’s at Far East Plaza Singapore.


Our bedroom at Harris Resort Batam, we wasn’t able to get the double bed room so we improvised on our own. Haha!


The rest of the area in our bedroom at Harris Resort Batam.


Bathroom at Harris Resort Batam. It’s clean but the hot water is pretty inconsistent, sometimes it’s hot and most of the time it’s cold! Wahaha!


The sun is setting soon. Taken at a seafood restaurant near to the Waterfront City Batam Terminal.


Dinner at a kelong-style seafood restaurant near to the Waterfront City Batam Terminal. I can’t seem to remember the name…


Fried chicken and Sambal Kang Kong.


Chilli crabs.


Hot Plate Tofu.


Black pepper crabs.


Daily breakfast at Harris Resort Batam was rather lacking but not entirely not consumable.


A pet monkey at a restaurant beside Harris Resort Batam.


The restaurant beside Harris Resort Batam, where we had our lunch, before leaving for our ferry back to Singapore. We had actually requested for early ferry departure in the morning but it was already full so have to settle for the afternoon one.


Fried Chicken Rice Special.


One of the ferry at Waterfront City Batam Terminal where we were waiting to board our ferry back to Singapore. The trip went by without a lot of photo taking as there wasn’t really much to shoot! Also, we didn’t venture far away from Harris Resort Batam to engage in other activities as we were traveling with children. It’s really a “getaway”! Haha!

Events Life in Singapore

i Light Marina Bay



Passed by Esplanade and happened to see “i Light Marina Bay” ( 照亮滨海湾), – Asia’s First Sustainable Light Art Festival, which is held from 15th October to 7th November 2010 from 7.30pm onwards to midnight. The entry is free and there are 26 light artworks along 3.5km of Marina Bay. I only checked out a few and the above is exhibit 13 – Jellight by Pascal Petitjean & Aamer Taher (Singapore).


Exhibit 12 – Animal Tree by Pitupong Chaowakul (Thailand). If you look closely, the lamp actually consists of orange teddy bears!


Night scene of Esplanade Bridge with the skyscrapers in the background.


Exhibit 11 – Touch. Do Not Please The Work Of Art by Michael Lee (Singapore) & Cornelia Erdmann (Hong Kong). Strong lights are shone frequently at the glow-in-the-dark text.


This will be what you can see after the lights are off – Touch. Do Not Please The Work Of Art.


From the Esplanade Bridge, scene of Esplanade and surrounding buildings.


Exhibit 9 – Flora Magica by Studio KYbra (Australia & Germany).


Exhibit 7 – The Whirlpool by Martin Klaasen, Shane Richardson and Pascal Petitjean (Singapore & Australia).


Exhibit 8 – The Living! Project by Sun Yu Li, Allan Lim, Kenny Eng (Singapore). One of my personal favorites!


Look closely – it’s made from Starbucks used plastic cups!


And also used mineral water bottles, which is made into fan-like shape and it spins when the wind blows!


Exhibit 6 – C/Ɔ by Angela Chong (Singapore). I love this!


It’s actually a functional seating area made from acrylic!


The seat changes colors too! Nice!


Exhibit 5 – Singapora-Flora by Warren Langley (Australia).

I didn’t finish visiting the whole of the light artworks at Marina Bay, think I only went through a few. For those interested, you may want to visit “i Light Marina Bay” webby to find out the suggested walk routes. If you can take some time to leisurely walk 3.5 km around Marina Bay, you will be able to complete the 26 light artworks. It’s getting late and I going home! 😛

Kuala Lumpur

A Day in Kuala Lumpur 2



Hiya, this is a long overdue blog post! The Kuala Lumpur trip was made during the long weekend of 7th to 9th August 2010 where Singapore was celebrating it’s National Day and it’s a holiday on 9th August 2010. We (a group of 6 adults and 2 children) took the opportunity to go for a last-minute short trip and the hotels was almost full (well, they did jack up the prices though!). It was a self-drive journey and there was jams along the way (especially at immigration) as many Singaporeans also had the same idea of relaxing out of Singapore! Anyway, the photo above show my lunch (Fish Ball Kway Teow Soup) at Yong Peng Rest Stop.


By the time we reached our hotel (The Gardens Hotel) at Mid Valley, it was already around 6pm. There was a queue at the front desk and we got our rooms separated on different floors even though we have made requests.


The Gardens Hotel – Nice room with comfortable-looking bed.


The Gardens Hotel – Large desk area for those who are going to do work or surf internet.


The Gardens Hotel – Vanity area.


The Gardens Hotel – the bathroom comes with a selection between using the normal shower head or the rain shower function. You can also take a soak in the bath tub too!


The Gardens Hotel – Separated dry toilet for you to take a dump without getting your feet wet! 😛


The Gardens Hotel – View from our room.


The Gardens Hotel – Comes with a mini-fridge and complimentary tea/coffee/drinking water.


The Gardens Hotel – Outside of the hotel where you can valet park your vehicle. For hotel guests, it is much more economical to valet then to park on your own.


The Gardens Hotel – Sofas at the lobby area where we always use as a meeting place. 🙂


Taking a walk at Mid Valley Megamall.


Having our dinner at Little Penang Kafe at Mid Valley Megamall.


Little Penang Kafe serves the best of Penang cuisine and seems to get a fair bit of press write-ups!


Assam Laksa at Little Penang Kafe.


Prawn Mee at Little Penang Kafe.


After our dinner, we continue to take a walk around Mid Valley Megamall.


After several grueling hours of shopping, we head off to T.G.I. Friday’s to have a drink and light supper. It was already 10.30pm!


T.G.I. Friday’s – Long Island Tea for my partner and I had Erdinger.


Our simple supper at T.G.I. Friday’s.


T.G.I. Friday’s – The interior of the restaurant. Love the “Kitchen” signage!


T.G.I. Friday’s – Guitars and photos of singers are hung on the wall. Not sure why but it sure gives me a feeling that I am in Hard Rock Cafe


Forward to the next morning, we had our free buffet breakfast within The Gardens Hotel.


Breakfast time at The Gardens Hotel was having long queues at the reception to wait for tables. Believe that lot of the tourists are Singaporeans!


After breakfast, we went to the swimming pool to have a look even though we were not planning to swim. Nice looking pool!


The view from the swimming pool at The Gardens Hotel.


After our tour at the swimming pool, we went to Suria KLCC and it’s shopping time for the ladies. Huge crowd here even though it was early morning!


Interesting roof architecture at Suria KLCC.


Our wives getting all frenzied up with Vincci shoes… It was so packed that there is virtually no air-conditioning in the shop… haha!


Went outdoors to take a photo of Petronas Twin Tower.


Open area in front of Suria KLCC. We didn’t hang around for long as it’s really warm outside!


We went back indoors and then to Olio Dome Café to take a break from our tired legs.


My drink at Olio Dome Café, think it was Passion Fruit Berries or something like that… hehe!


Wanted to have Bak Kut Teh but it was not open yet so we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant at the corner of Jalan Alor. My partner having chicken noodles.


I am having Wonton noodles. Decent meal.


The outside of the restaurant. Think most people might be familiar with this location.


After our meal, my friend decided that we should have durians for dessert and went to buy a couple of them. We brought them into the restaurant to eat after seeking the staff’s approval. Damn, these durians are good!


Next, we went to Pavilion Mall to walk around. Basically, this trip is more of hanging around and shopping rather than like my usual of exploring the less-traveled areas. It’s good for a change but not too often as I do get bored at shopping centers! Haha!

The next morning, we will be leaving Kuala Lumpur and back to Singapore, but before so, we will stop by Malacca for a couple of hours to buy food stuffs and eat Cendol! 🙂


Mecha Art Museum



The Singapore Cosplay Club brings forth to you a new event, the Mecha Art Museum!

Venue: West Coast Plaza (154 West Coast Road Singapore 127371)
Date of Exhibition: 10th September 2010 – 31st October 2010 (11am – 9.30pm)

Above photo shows Knight of Gold from The Five Star Stories.


The Mecha Art Museum is an art exhibition of Mechas made out of paper craft and each Mecha is more than 2m tall!

Above photo shows Dancougar from Dancouga – Super Beast Machine God.


Dancouga – Super Beast Machine God. A close-up of hand to show the level of details.


Dancouga – Super Beast Machine God. Frontal view.


Goldy and Dark Knight, both World Cosplay Summit Tokyo representatives will be coming to Singapore on the days of 11th, 12th, 18th,19th September 2010 to conduct cosplay workshops (free)!

The theme for cosplaying on the 12th and 19th September is cosplaying characters from mecha series . Non-mecha series cosplayers are also welcome!


Mr Goldy, wearing the costume of Gurren Lagann.

Other programmes – Cosplay Workshops, Cosplay Performances by Goldy and Dark Knight (World Cosplay Summit Tokyo Representatives), Anime Performances, etc.

Visit for more information!


A Day in Bali



Hi all, how are you doing? Guess where I am? 😛

I am at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 waiting for the 1905hr Jetstar Asia flight to Bali, Indonesia. For this trip, there will be a change as it not just me and my partner; my friends (another couple) will be joining as well.


Stop by DFS (Duty free shop) and bought 1 bottle of Cape Mentelle (red wine) S$30, 1 bottle of Larrikin Barro (white wine) S$32 and 1 bottle of Absolut Berri Vodka S$26.10 so that we can consume it while in Bali.


The flight took around 2hours 30mins and it around 2205hr when we reached. Walking out from Ngurah Rai Airport (Denpasar, Bali).


Then we went to queue at the Taxi Service counter (right side after you get out of the entrance) to get our voucher (Rp 50,000) to Kuta Beach Club.


Taxi ride took around 20mins due to the traffic and we finally reached our hotel – Kuta Beach Club.


After we checked-in, I walk around the lobby and snap the entrance view of Kuta Beach Club. I have made reservation for double bed but was given twin bed as the hotel was running full. This was rather disappointing as the reservation was made on 22nd March 2010, about 4 months from our check in date.


Welcome drink at the lobby of Kuta Beach Club, Bali.


First Bintang beer of the trip! Think it was the most expensive I had of the trip too (Rp 45, 000 for 1 large Bintang)!


Had our snacks at this nice-looking restaurant where the food was anything but good. It was rather expensive (see beer price above) as well and clearly a tourist trap. Haha! After the dinner, we went back to the hotel to have some Vodka before going to bed.


The next morning, we had breakfast buffet (inclusive) at Kuta Beach Club. Decent but nothing to shout about…


Nice view of lobby of Kuta Beach Club in the day. We went to the reception after breakfast to request for a change of room to double bed – managed to get 1 room changed and was promised the other change the following day.


Next, we went back to room to change and head off to the swimming pool. Yeah!


Photo taken with DiCAPac WP610 Waterproof Underwater Case for LX3. Click on link to read the review of the case.


Sunken pool bar where you can order drinks while swimming but it doesn’t start business till around 11am.


Around the pool area, there is facilities for playing table tennis (free) if you like to.


Following the swim, we showered, got changed and then went out to walk around to grab lunch as well as sightsee.


Rip Curl shop in Kuta. My friend got a pair of slippers here.


Passing by Hard Rock.


Then we went to Kuta Beach to walk around. What a nice beach!


Along Kuta Beach, there are many peddlers around selling sarongs, drinks, tempoaray tattoo, massage, surfing lessons, etc.


Lunch at Salvador which is along Kuta Beach. They offer water pipe (Sisha) smoking too!


Giant Beach Burger Rp 37,000. Yummy! We also had 3 large Bintang beer at Rp 29,000 each.


Cheese Burger Rp 25,000.


Spaghetti Marinara Rp 32,000. It was tasty though I would prefer it a bit more wet.


My friend bought a coconut from this stall along Kuta Beach but he said it wasn’t nice…and threw it away…


Mercure Kuta Bali – The hotel is just along the beach and it looks fantastic! I had initially considered to book this hotel but as we are not going to hang around too much in the hotel/beach, I thought it is more appropriate to go for a hotel which costs lower and of reasonable location away.


It’s a hot day so we went to Matahari to walk around and also to enjoy the air-con. There is a supermarket in Matahari as well so please get your drinking water, snacks, beer, etc here as the prices are generally much lower than other retail shops.


You can try the Fish Spa Therapy at Matahari at Rp 100, 000 for 20 minutes.


Bali Hai beer at Rp 15,500, bought from the mini mart beside our hotel (Kuta Beach Club).


Also got Bintang Beer at Rp 17,000.


Around evening time, we stroll beach to Kuta Beach. Bali is truly nice beach holiday destination!


It’s almost sunset and many people are already gathering around to see it. Kuta beach is known for it’s fantastic sunset view!


Enjoying the sunset view at Kuta Beach.


Another sunset view at Kuta Beach.


The sun is almost gone…


Went back to Kuta Beach Club to freshen up. Above photo shows the area where we had our breakfast in the morning.


There is also a pool table beside the swimming pool. I know it’s chargeable but I can’t remember the rates.


Out on the streets again.. this time for our dinner at Made’s Warung Kuta.


Horse carriage for rental. Remember to negotiate if you like to go for a spin…ermm…horse ride.


Dinner at the famous Made’s Warung at Kuta. There was already a long queue when we reached!


The interior of Made’s Warung. I wanted to sit upstairs as it’s not so crowded but my friend retorted that it might be warm and I told him that there are windows/fans upstairs. Nevertheless, we still got a table downstairs (courtesy of my friend) just in front of the entrance – with the company of many waiting customers behind us and the free smell of carbon monoxide from the vehicles that whizzes by. Now this is hot (& smelly)!


Made’s Warung – view from the 2nd storey.


Made’s Warung – Lumpia Udang (Shrimp Spring Roll) Rp 25,000.


Made’s Warung – Sate Chicken Rp 30,000.


Made’s Warung – Curry Chicken (comes with rice) Rp 65,000. This is very good!


Made’s WarungCaesar Salad Rp 40,000.


Made’s WarungGado Gado Rp 25, 000.


Made’s WarungNasi Campur Special Rp 55,000. Total bill came up to Rp 306, 000 for 4 persons, other then those dishes mention above, we also had 1 Aqua Rp 7,000, 2 Banana Honey Juice Rp 30,000, 1 Mango Juice Rp 15,000 and 2 Nasi Putih Rp 14,000.


Walking back to Kuta Beach Club and passing by Hard Rock again.

Going to have an early night we have booked a driver to bring us around for the whole day tomorrow. The itinerary will be

  • Ubud
  • Tegallalang Rice Terrace
  • Kintamani Volcano
  • Coffee Plantation
  • Uluwatu Temple
  • Jimbaran Bay (Seafood)

Check back again!

Events Life in Singapore

Singapore Food Festival 2010



The yearly Singapore Food Festival (first started in 1994) is back again and this time featuring the culinary cultures behind different Singapore Chinese dialects. From 16th to 24th July 2010 (4pm to 11pm), Clarke Quay Reed Bridge is transformed into Clarke Quay Food Street where you can enjoy and savour many unique flavours! For more information on other programs on Singapore Food Festival 2010, please head off to


There are more than 30 famous restaurants and hawkers available for your selection. Payment of the food is done via Singapore Food Festival Souvenir Card(Kopitiam Card).


Fortune Food Popiah is having a long queue. Uncle is wondering whether he should eat the popiah as there are so many food available! 😛


Another stall selling Pork & Bun. I didn’t get to try any of the food as I already had lunch and it wasn’t time for dinner yet but I am keeping it in mind to come back again before 24th July 2010. If you are interested in the price and food available, please visit “Local delights by famous hawkers and eateries at Food Street (Source: Soshiok)“. Please do visit Singapore Food Festival 2010! For tourists, you may want to check out deals on Singapore Hotels too!