A Day in Bali 2



The next morning, after breakfast at Kuta Beach Club, we met up with Ketut

(our English-speaking driver) at 9am at our hotel lobby. Check out “A Day in Bali 1” for my review of him!

Today’s itinerary is as follows:


After around 2 hours of winding journey (going into the hilly areas), we reached Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. It lives up to it’s name

Jatiluwih as Jati and luwih, where Jati mean really and Luwih mean beautiful. Jatiluwih is a favorite tourist destination in Bali,

famous with the beautiful rice terrace unfolding from the foot of mountain until the coastal side.


A local passing by with his cow at Jatiluwih Rice Terrace.


We met a local couple taking wedding photographs at Jatiluwih Rice Terrace and asked for their permission to take as well, which

they kindly obliged. 🙂


You can take a breather here while enjoying the magnificent view of Jatiluwih Rice Terraces.


Beautiful panorama scenery of Jatiluwih Rice Terraces.


Time for lunch and we went to Labhagga Restaurant Pacung which offers superb views of Pacung Rice Terrace while you dine.


Labhagga Restaurant Pacung is located at Jl. Raya Baturitim Tabananm Bali and is buffet-styled. The buffet lunch costs Rp 85,000 for each adult and we

also ordered 2 large Bintang at Rp

30,000 each as well as 1 lemon juice at Rp 12,5000. Total for 4 person adds up to Rp 495,000 (including Rp 41,250 tax and Rp 41,250 service).


Wide variety of food selection at Labhagga Restaurant Pacung. Many more available too!


My first serving at Labhagga Restaurant Pacung. 🙂


The nice view of rice terraces and the mountain from our table while having lunch. There is no need for fans/air-con as Pacung is

in the highland with cooler temperature.


A close-up view of the Pacung rice terraces.


While leaving Labhagga Restaurant Pacung, saw a few locals playing music outside…


Next destination is Gitgit Waterfall, which Ketut (our driver) recommended to go after lunch as we need the energy boost.


The reason being that we need to walk for approximately 30 mins before reaching the waterfall and the terrain is relatively rough,

with uphills and downhill climbs.


Passing by a group of children playing around…


Gitgit Twin Waterfall.


Gitgit Twin Waterfall (in dynamic mode). Wonder why this trip I am playing so much of the dynamic feature…hahaha!

Children Playing Tarzan at Gitgit Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia


A shop selling various products – drinks, spices, souvenirs, etc. Well, it’s not cheap here…


Magnificent view of Gitgit Waterfall. You can feel the energy of the water from here!


Alright, time to leave Git Git waterfall…passing by some shops on the way out.


Following, we went to Pura Ulun Danu (Lake Bratan).


Magnificent architecture at Pura Ulun Danu Bratan.


You can go for a cruise if you like and enjoy the cool weather…


Pura Ulun Danu (Lake Bratan). What a heavenly-like


Pura Ulu Danu was built in the 17th century on highland Lake Bratan. This gem-like temple is half on the mainland, half on a tiny

island. The complex is dedicated to Vishnu, the preserver, in his guise as Dewi Danu, who protects all living creatures. Small

and charming, it comments on the spirit of place without leaving a big footprint. A peaceful, shimmering vision.


Locals fishing around Pura Ulun Danu (Lake Bratan). Wonder whether they

have caught anything?


At another quieter area of Pura Ulun Danu (Lake Bratan)…


For those interested to take cruises, you may do so here. There are various transport available – speed boats, atap boat, sampan,



My friend wanted to go pick strawberries but they are not in-season yet (mentioned by our driver as well!). How are the

strawberries in Bali? Are they any good?


On the way to Tanah Lot, we were caught up in a massive jam

and our vehicle wasn’t moving at all. Also, in Bali, most areas only have 1 lane for each way. As it’s taking too long, our driver

suggested that we walk instead so as not to miss the sunset at Tanah Lot. The jam was acutally caused by a kite competition! The

kites are huge and protruding out from the vehicle body, which made the transporting very slow!


Some of the locals who participated in the kite competition gladly posed for us to take photos.


Entrance fees for Tanah Lot is Rp 10,000 per pax. Think we

have walked for 30 mins and have not reached yet….hahaha!


Finally reached and we just missed the sunset at Tanah

Lot…. so sad!


Beautiful panorama of Tanah Lot Temple.

Excerpt from (Tanah Lot)

Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is home of a pilgrimage temple, the Pura Tanah Lot

(literally “Tanah Lot temple”) and a popular tourist and cultural icon for photography and general exoticism.


Sunset at Tanah Lot.


This area holds the holy snake, where you can pay to have a look… 🙂


Queuing at Tanah Lot Temple. Wonder what is that for?


Superb sunset view at Tanah Lot.


Sunset at Tanah Lot. Still lots of people around capturing

the moments!


Walking out to the carpark from Tanah Lot and passing by the

many retail shops. We left before the large crowd at Tanah Lot left but was still caught in the massive jam. It’s probably due to

the the after-effect of the previous jam as well as the peak hour. It took us around 1.5 hours to reach back to Kuta Beach Club (our hotel) and after-which, we thank Ketut for his good service for the 2 days. We decided to

split up with our friends to have some romantic time on our own (they also need so!). 😛


For dinner, we took a taxi from Kuta Center to Warung Sobat at Jl Batu Belig No. 11A kerobokan Kuta.


Interior of Warung Sobat. Fantastic ambiance!


Warung Sobat – Fresh Garden Salad Rp 15,000.


Warung Sobat – Spring Roll Rp



Warung Sobat – Griglia Mistro Marinara Rp 32,000. It’s a seafood mixed grill consisting of tuna fish, ocean fish, calamari and prawns.


Warung Sobat – Scampi Fritti Rp



Warung Sobat – complimentary dessert. What a nice gesture! it’s good too!

We also had 2 large Bintang at Rp

27,000 each and total for the dinner is Rp 138,000. Very reasonable pricing and yet superbly tasty! Hmmm…I think I prefer Warung Sobat over Made’s

Warung… 🙂


After dinner, we went to Hard Rock Hotel Bali.


CenterStage at Hard Rock Hotel Bali, which hosts a live band every

evening. Initially, we wanted to have a drink here before we end the night, but the place was way too smoking for us so decided to

just take a walk around Hard Rock Hotel.


Walk around for a while and took some photos. Then, we strolled back to our hotel for an early rest as we had a long day.

Tomorrow, we will be going snorkeling at Nusa Dua. I had

initially planned to go Nusa Lembongan but then decided to go for a simple one instead. For the snorkeling package, it was arranged

by Ketut (our driver) for USD20 per person for 1 hour of snorkeling (inclusive of equipment and boat rental). There will be someone

to fetch us from our hotel the next morning at 10am. 🙂


A Day in Sapporo 1札幌的一天 (一)

A Day in Sapporo 1

A Day in Sapporo 1

9th May 2009 – After a good night sleep from yesterday’s exhaustion, we woke up early and ate the free breakfast at hotel. Then, proceed to Susukino Subway Station (3mins away from my hotel) – still empty as it’s still early. 7.40am on a Saturday morning 🙂

A Day in Sapporo 1

Tickets counter – English available at both the table of fares as well as the machines. We didn’t buy any tickets as we were using the one-day card (for Sapporo City Subway only) that comes with the Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Pass. The Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Pass (All JR Hokkaido trains between any stations in Sapporo and Otaru Station and all subway lines in Sapporo) can be purchased from JR Information Desk (JR Sapporo Station West Exit) at Â¥1,500 per passenger.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Subway platform – also empty. Took from Susukino Station to Odori Station. It’s only a station away but since we have the 1 day Subway pass, so decided to make full use of it.

A Day in Sapporo 1

From Odori Station, we took a 5min short stroll to Nijo Fish Market – a cluster of stalls selling fresh and dried seafood as well as vegetables.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Prawns, scallops, sea urchins awaits you to devour them. And It’s all live! LOL.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Crabs too! The stall that I patronize also provides the cooking of the seafood that you purchase from them so that you can eat them fresh.

A Day in Sapporo 1

The stall owner on noticing that I was snapping away on my camera, immediately hauled up a King Crab for me to shoot. Such a nice gesture! We bought a 500g packet of premium grade large size Dried Scallops at ¥5,000 from him too.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Proceeded on with the journey to Maruyama Park (link in Japanese) from Odori. The whole platform to ourselves again.

A Day in Sapporo 1

The underpass towards Maruyama Koen. Maruyama Koen is the most popular “Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot” in Sapporo and it houses over 1500 cherry trees. It is bustling with people during the “Hanami” period. Prior to reaching and to my dissapoinment, I have already knew that I have missed the full cherry blossoming by 1 day and it’s already withering (updates from Tenki – Japanese only). Nevertheless, the planned trip still went on.

Notice the animals emblems on the floor – believe suppose to build anticipation to the nearby Sapporo Maruyama Zoo which houses more then 200 speices of living things. Other nearby attractions inlcude Okurayama Ski Jump, Sapporo Winter Sports Museum, Asahiyama Memorial Park, Rose Garden Chizaki, etc.

A Day in Sapporo 1

A very beautiful and grand building just right in front of Maruyama Koen (5 mins walk from Maruyama Koen Subway Station). Also a lot of cars are unloading their wares here.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Upon closure inspection, it’s actually hosting a wedding reception. 🙂

A Day in Sapporo 1

The location signboard that shows your whereabouts and the nearby facilities. From it, I can see that there is a baseball stadium, track and field, theme park, etc.

A Day in Sapporo 1

The sun shining on the flowers makes it look so vibrant.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Tall trees that seems to reach out for the sky!

A Day in Sapporo 1

Walk in deeper to Maruyama Park and saw this sight everywhere. Folks lay out their floor mats and wares (table, chairs, food, charcoal, drinks, beer, etc). What amaze me is that it’s 9.00am in the morning and many people are already there to choose the best location and mark their terriorty. Maybe it’s a planned weekend hanami (still continue even the hanami period is over) and boozing session with family and friends.

A Day in Sapporo 1

After strolling down the park, the feeling that I got is both tranquil and relaxing (with cool and fresh breezes intermittently blowing). Ah, there is a lingering smell of barbecue food in the air as well. That makes my stomach rumble. :=D

A Day in Sapporo 1

A row of stalls selling various drinks, food, toys and souvenirs.

A Day in Sapporo 1

A close up view on one of the drink and food stall.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Another stall selling blown-up toys for children. It’s hung on to a stick at one end and held by children on the other end, much like Chinese Lantern style. I wonder whether they can be lighted up?

A Day in Sapporo 1

The walkway towards Hokkaido Shrine.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Another view of the walkway towards Hokkaido Shrine. It’s a cooling pleasant walk despite that the sun is shining bright.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Near the entrance of Hokkaido Shrine, there is a Chōzuya (stone wash basin) whereby worshipers and visitors performed cleansing (purification) by washing their hands and mouths prior to praying. Using the dipper, first rinse the left hand then the right, after which rinse the mouth with water from the cupped left hand. The washing of hands with water is called Temizu.

A Day in Sapporo 1

The grand entrance of Hokkaido Shrine.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Here’s the procedure on how to pray at a Shinto Shrine. Facing the enshrined god, deposit some money into the offering box and then bow twice. Clap your hand twice and after that bow one more time.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Amazing and delicate architecture. Simply love the use of the gold (not sure whether it’s real gold).

A Day in Sapporo 1

A showcase of the famous and popular sake from Hokkaido. During ancient times, sake used to be produced in the Shrine’s wine hall.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Another view.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Spotted a wedding ceremony on-going at Hokkaido. This draws a lot of attention and causes many tourists to snap away (including me).

A Day in Sapporo 1

Terrific scenery – with all the beautiful colors standing out.

A Day in Sapporo 1

A macro shot of the flowers.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Another macro shots of flowers.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Lunch time – Teriyaki Chicken Burger Set Meal at McDonald’s Â¥590.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Ebi Filet-O Set Meal at McDonald’s Â¥630.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Ishiya Chocolate Factory – A short walk from Miyanosawa Subway Station. Production tour is at Â¥600 per adult and it comes with one piece of their well-known Shiroi Koibito chocolate. Before reaching the production viewing gallery, there is a short walk that takes you through the history and culture of chocolate.

A Day in Sapporo 1

The production plant for their famous flagship product Shiroi Koibito – a soft flavoured layer of white chocolate sandwiched in between two thin layers of crisp cookies. Absolutely delicious!

A Day in Sapporo 1

Spotted Astro Boy statue after the end of the tour. The stairs takes you down to the shop where it has the whole selection of products Ishiya is offering. Bought Ishiya Shiroi Koibito (24 Qty) at ¥1480 and Ishiya Shiroi Koibito (27 Qty) at ¥1785. Yeah!

A Day in Sapporo 1

Ishiya Shiroi Koibito Park.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Beautilful park with disneyland styled buildings. At the end of it, there is a store selling Ishiya Ice-Cream (same flavouring as their chocolate) at ¥250. More views of the park follows.

A Day in Sapporo 1

A Day in Sapporo 1

A Day in Sapporo 1

A Day in Sapporo 1

Bought our dinner from local supermarket on our way back to hotel as discounts are given usually after 7pm. Omurice Bento ¥400 (was ¥450 before discount), Rice and Noodle Chicken Katsu Bento ¥380 (was ¥480 before discount) and Fried Dumpling ¥380.

A Day in Sapporo 1

Kirin Afternoon Tea ¥150 for dessert.A Day in Sapporo 1

A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1

售票处-票价表和售票机都有英文字母.我们没买票应为较早前已经买了(一天)札幌市营地铁专用车票,适用于札幌-小樽。札幌市营地铁专用车票(可适用于所有JR北海道列车和地铁-通往札幌和小樽),车票可在JR信息台购买(JR札幌站西口),(1,500 日元/一人)。

A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1

有新鲜的虾,干贝,海胆等着你品尝! LOL

A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1

店主看到我猛拍照,便抓起一只帝王蟹让我拍。 🙂 好友善!我们在这家店买了一包500克的上等干贝价格5,000日元。

A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1

仔细看,原来在举行婚礼招待会。 🙂

A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1

走完公园,突然感到宁静和放松。问道香喷喷的烧烤味,这时肚子咕噜咕噜得叫! :=D

A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1

北海道神宫的入口处有手水舍 (石洗手盆)让参拜者洗手和漱口。在水盘里会放置杓子并注满清水,参拜者首先用杓子取一瓢水,洗完左手,右手之后,再将水倒在手里漱口,再洗一次左手之后,以杓子中剩下的水来清洗杓子。

A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1

惊人和微妙的建筑。喜欢金色 (不知道是不是真金)。

A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1

Ebi Fillet-O Set Meal at McDonald’s (可能是-麦香虾肉漢堡套餐 ä»·æ ¼630日元)。

A Day in Sapporo 1

白之恋人-从宮之澤地鐵站走一小段路。生产游览每人600日元,附加一片著名的Shiroi Koibito 巧克力。前往生产观景台有一小段制作巧克力的历史。

A Day in Sapporo 1

生产厂的著名旗舰产品Shiroi Koibito – 软层的白巧克力夹心饼干。绝对美味!

A Day in Sapporo 1

游览结束后看到了铁臂阿童木。往路梯口走就会走到商店,那儿有全部的巧克力商品。买了白巧克力夹心饼干(24片 价格 1480日元 , 27片 价格 1785日元)。

A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1

A Day in Sapporo 1

A Day in Sapporo 1

A Day in Sapporo 1


A Day in Sapporo 1